Introducing WordCamp Brighton workshops

On top of adding an extra day to WordCamp Brighton this year, we’re adding workshops to the agenda. Woohoo!

We’re very excited to announce the three workshops which will take place on the first day of WordCamp Brighton.  Check out the workshop schedule here.

Here’s a little more information about what to expect.

Where will the workshops be held?

All the workshops will be held on Friday 18th August at The Old Market. They’re happening in the Main House – which is the same room as all the talks.

The first workshop will be at 11.30am, the second at 2pm and the third at 4pm.

The full  WordCamp Brighton schedule is here, including all the talks and workshops.

Why workshops?

There are lots of different ways to learn. Conference-style talks are great, but we want to try out other formats to mix things up.

There are some topics where a bit more interactivity and a bit more time to absorb information is helpful.

By adding workshops to the schedule, we hope to give you the chance to deep-dive into some key areas of WordPress.

How will the workshops…work?

Each workshop will be one hour long and will be interactive.

What exactly happens in terms of the structure and activities will depend on the imaginations of our workshop leads.

Just like the other talks, all you need to bring along is yourself. For some of the workshops, you may find it especially useful to bring a laptop or other device – but this isn’t a pre-requisite of attending.

Do I need to sign up or buy a separate ticket for the workshops?

No, you don’t need to sign up to attend the workshops. Workshops attendance is included with your regular WordCamp Brighton ticket, which you can purchase here.

However, you’ll notice when you buy a ticket we ask the question: Which workshop(s) are you interested in attending?

If you answer this question, it’ll be easier for our workshop leads to plan a session appropriate for the number of people in the room.

What if a workshop isn’t in my area of expertise?

We’ve included a guide below each of the workshops to give you an idea of the target audience the content is aimed at. Check out the ‘who is this workshop for?’ section under each workshop abstract.

But, as with everything at WordCamp, you don’t need to have any particular experience to come to any of the workshops. If they sound interesting to you, we’d love to see you in the room 🌞


WordCamp Brighton will be a safe and positive conference for everyone. Learn more in our code of conduct.

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