We’re delighted to introduce workshops at WordCamp Brighton 2017. All workshops will be held on Friday 18th August. Read more about what to expect from workshops here.

Workshop 1

Where: The Old Market

When: Friday 18th August, 11.30am

Who: Tammie Lister – UX Designer at Automattic 

Tammie works at Automattic as an experience designer, where she is on a team that contributes to the WordPress project full time. She has a varied background including psychology, design, front end development and user experience.

What: Design for humans

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How can we make better experiences for everyone? So many online interactions leave us confused, lost and are designed more for robots than humans. Together we will explore how to improve experiences and discover why this really matters. This workshop isn’t just for designers, why we need them and how to make connected, human experiences is important for everyone to learn.

Who is this workshop for?

Everyone who wants to learn about how to improve user experiences; from junior to senior designers, developers, project managers, bloggers, marketers and business owners.

Workshop 2

Where: The Old Market

When: Friday 18th August, 2:00pm

Who: John Blackbourn – Senior Engineer at Human Made

John is one of the WordPress core developers, a member of the WordPress security team, and was the release lead for WordPress 4.1. He works as a senior developer at Human Made, and has over ten years’ experience developing with WordPress.

What: The A to Z of WordPress Multisite

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WordPress Multisite is a very powerful piece of functionality built into WordPress which is often under-utilised. In this workshop John will introduce you to Multisite and cover:

  • The concepts of Multisite
  • Installation and setup
  • The management of sites and users
  • The management of plugins, themes, and content
  • What differs from a standard WordPress installation
  • Advanced usage
  • Gotchas and best practices

Who is this workshop for?

It’s primarily aimed at people who have experience building or implementing WordPress sites but have yet to dip their toe into WordPress Multisite.

Workshop 3

Where: The Old Market

When: Friday 18th August, 4:00pm

Who: David Lockie – Founder at Pragmatic

David is the Founder & Director of Pragmatic – a full-service WordPress specialist agency. He has experience building a WordPress business from the ground up having grown his agency from one freelancer to over 40 full-time employees over the course of 5 years.

What: WordPress business toolkit

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David Lockie, who has previously talked at WordCamps about his journey from solo freelancer to 50 person agency owner, will lead this workshop. He’ll be exploring ways everyone can look after business interests while delivering amazing work for your clients. The session will include practical exercises that will help identify pain points, ways you can tackle challenges, and some indispensable advice that David wishes someone had told him in the early days of Pragmatic.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to tighten up the way you work, an agency employee who wants to share some ideas with your boss, or a business owner looking to share ideas with like-minded peers, you’ll take away some tools that will help you run better projects and keep clients and colleagues happy.

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for everyone who wants to understand how to launch and grow a business. From experienced to less experienced freelancers, large and small business owners, developers, writers and designers.