We believe everyone should have access to the many opportunities this community provides. So this year, we’re creating an event which breaks down more barriers to entry, reaches new and diverse audiences and encourages more people to get involved.

We want to create an event where everyone with an interest in WordPress feels welcome – whether you are an attendee, a speaker, an organiser, a volunteer,  or participate in any other way.

An important part of making people feel welcome is by being inclusive. That’s why we’re constantly thinking about what we can do to create a more inclusive event.

Some of the things we’ve put in place to help make WordCamp Brighton inclusive are:

  • Promoting our Code of Conduct in the lead up and during the event
  • All venues (including The Old Market stage) are wheelchair accessible
  • Our full priced tickets (£30) are much lower than the real cost per attendee (>£100)
  • Giving away 10 tickets to people from under-represented groups
  • Providing a room for parents and their children to relax and have time away from the conference and after party
  • Providing quiet rooms for attendees, speakers, volunteers and organisers
  • All identifying information was removed before selecting talks
  • Offering mentor support to all speakers
  • Organising as much of this event as possible in the open on Slack, in the channel #wordcamp-brighton
  • Continuously trying to reach more people from more diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Organisers are creating legacy documents for others to use and learn from

We are constantly adding to this list – if you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can make WordCamp Brighton more inclusive, we would love to hear from you. You’ll find all our contact details here.


WordCamp Brighton will be a safe and positive conference for everyone. Learn more in our code of conduct.